We are netDada, a company building a global network and seeking to break the last barriers for a real economically interconnected world

We are a team of seasoned and experienced Promoter and Developers who began our netDada journey by building the missing bridges for a worldwide, real-time, safe and cost-efficient Global Payment Network. We are soon launching various products like E-Wallet, Floating payment widget, common payment gateway link etc. under netDpay brand. We are solving the international KYC and AML compliance problems keeping all user's data private and safe in the user's local country that goes beyond the statutory requirements of Privacy laws like GDPR etc.

Our product's topmost priority is delivering world class performance in real time transactions at scale and the same time keeping the safety of our customers as paramount when using our network.

Our network is and will forever be fully compliant with all the countries Financial and Privacy Regulations and laws. We are Building a Payment network that will help to make a safer world by using a trusted, safe network, outside the reach of bad influences and actors.

Top class Engineering, cutting edge quality, transparency and honesty in all our transactions are our core values. We understand that they are the keystone for the current interconnected, diverse and collaborative world.

Financial and payment barriers are a thing of the past.

Join us in building a better and efficient tomorrow.

Our Team

Vijay Thakkar

Founder & CEO

I am a businessman who started my career in the mid 1980s. Since the late 2000s have started on my own in fields like commodity trading and merchant exports. Also an expert legal consultant in highly complicated Real Estate disputes.

David Bonet Montes

Chief Technical Officer

CTO, with more than 12 years of experience and Co-Founder of several startups, have worked in Spain, Germany, Switzerland, and USA building scalable teams and systems.

Alejandro Herrera Guerrero

Senior Software Developer

Senior software developer, with more than 15 years of experience in different sectors like embedded, military industry, LIDAR and embedded AI.

Rafa Hern√°ndez Novillo

Senior Software Developer

Senior software developer, with more than 15 years of experience, has worked as CTO and programmer in many enterprise environments.

CA Deepak Gala

Financial Advisor

I am a practicing Chartered Accountant having my own independent practice in Mumbai last more than 20 years.

Sharat Chandra


Sharat is a Keynote Speaker, Start-Up Advisor, Emerging Tech Evangelist & Ecosystem Builder. He advises across sectors, with a focus on blockchain, digital transformation, and fintech.

Gautam Rattehalli

netDpay Partner, USA

Gautam is an International Business Strategy Executive who leverages existing global networks to enhance venture portfolios. Gautam is highly focused on strategic growth and adoption for the platform in the US markets.

Amit Kumar

Founding Member

Amit has 10 years of experience in building products with around 6 years in a leadership position in companies like Samsung Research India, Dazo, Purplle, Loyalty Rewardz. As a part of founding team he is helping netDada in day-to-day operations, connecting with the right partners and defining product strategy.