Global Infrastructure for Real Time Cross Border Payments

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We are on a mission to build Internet scale payment infrastructure so that movement of money over the internet is as seamless and as real time as the movement of data and content is


Empowering Business

We help online businesses accept payments and send payouts globally

It is time where we modernize the old, outmoded payment infrastructure to new generation payments. Our global payment infrastructure makes it seamless, faster, secure, and so much more. Now get some quick, more reliable transactions with unbeatable astuteness and flexibility. With netDpay, you can glee your customers and unbolt new revenue streams.


Get on board to the world of social payments

  • Global payments in real-time
  • Access digital rights and premium content / services / values
  • Use your local fiat currency for global transactions
  • Carry out microtransactions as low as a cent
  • Retrieve funds, cashback and prize money in your local fiat currency

Pay Button

Get on board to the world of social payments

One-click to carry transactions, local or global, in your fiat currency directly through your existing accounts with 3rd party wallets, Bank accounts, Debit/Credit cards etc.

One-click to receive transactions, local or global, in your fiat currency.


A platform for payment innovation

netDpay Payment Network takes concepts from Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT)in order to create a new, highly scalable, auditable network that is able to make real-time cross-border payments

One Powerful Platform

NPN supports the same number of transactions per second as the credit card networks, so we guarantee our solution can grow with your business.


NPN unique architecture can implement platform-wide changes quickly, allowing your business to respond to environmental changes or threats in near real time.


Transactions are secured by state-of-the-art cryptography and encryption, so your payments and sensitive information are protected beyond bank-grade security.

Road Map

Decentralize the internet

An Internet scale, cloud native and low-latency payment network (netDpay Payment Network, NPN).

A payment gateway which will facilitate real-time payment settlement in transactions between content providers and users within a country border or cross-border.

After the MVP (minimum Viable Product) / proof of concept, we will offer our payment system and NPN database network backbone infrastructure as a standalone system for 3rd party content creators / distributors to integrate NPN payment gateway into their application / content sites.

NetDada's vision is an internet where users can access all content in real time, independent of borders, laws or currencies

  • In App / In browser purchases in real time
  • Make digital content purchases from across the globe and across fiat currencies in real time
  • UPayment settlement system that can handle 1 Million transactions per seconds with highest security standards
  • Building the future of KYC and AML process
  • SDK/API/APK based model which can be integrated with any product to support global payments
  • NPN enables loading of Bank money into global virtual cards and crypto wallets to enable transaction or trading

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